Encourage kids to be who they want to be.

Show them that with courage, determination and persistence, all things are possible.

A Kid With a Dream

Theo Paphitis pictured holding my book

A Kid With a Dream at the SBS winners' event.

Awards for Berrybumble

#WOW Winner

#WOW award from
Jacqueline Gold CBE

Berrybumble won the esteemed #WOW award from Jacqueline Gold CBE.

Jacqueline gold, the CEO of Ann Summers, is a fan of my business.

I've been recognised by British businesswoman, Jacqueline Gold CBE, for my success as a female entrepreneur.

Jacqueline Gold says...

Berrybumble designs and creates motivational prints and quotes for children, encouraging them to dream and feel confident about who they are and who they will grow to be.

Am’s passion for working with children shows through the inspirational prints and her courageous career U-turn. For me, #WOW is all about inspiring and celebrating female entrepreneurs.

#SBS Winner

#SBS award from
Theo Paphitis

Berrybumble won the prestigious #SBS award from ex "Dragons' Den" tycoon Theo Paphitis.

Queen of Powerful Messages

Queen of Powerful Messages

The #Queenof award is given to women in business for their business idea and to celebrate their success.

Motivational digital prints

for kids.

You're never too young to dream big.

Digital postcards

Inspiring and valuable life lessons.

Know your worth.

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Absorb the message whilst colouring.

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2019 Calendar

Be inspired in 2019 with this motivational calendar.

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Winner mindset

Positive posters that help to develop a winner mindset.

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Be kind

Everyone has kindness within them.

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Goal sheets

Write out your goals, and bring them into reality.

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Life skills

Free information on building life skills such as resilience and confidence.

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