About me

About me

Hi, I'm Am

Earlier this year I set up a business which, if truth be told, I didn’t enjoy. My heart wasn’t in it, I wasn’t happy running it, and I didn’t really believe in it. After a few months I decided to close that business, even though a lot of hard work and money had gone into it.

I'm a mother and also have a background of working with kids - years ago I worked as a teaching assistant. So I decided to do what I’ve always enjoyed, truly believe in, and what I should have done in the first place. This is where my passion lies, this is what I actually truly enjoy - encouraging kids to believe in themselves and to follow their dreams.

My idea

I have always urged my daughter to be confident and go after her dreams, even when the going gets tough. To help her stay positive, I tell her to think about the end result and how she will feel if her dream and goal comes true. Every child has a gift, a passion. With courage, determination, self-belief, and confidence, they can achieve great things. A winner mindset can be instilled in children from an early age.

The idea of the motivational animal prints for kids came to me some years ago when my daughter was around six years old. She used to draw pictures of the things she wanted, then stick them to our bedroom wall as a reminder for us, so we didn’t forget. She would also draw pictures of what she wanted to be when she grew up. So she would draw a picture of a vet and write next to it “I WANT TO BE A VET”.

Now she's a teenager, her goal is to become a business manager or own her own business. That might change in the future, who knows? But I’ll encourage her to follow that route if she wants. She’s a kid with a dream.

Motivational prints

The motivational prints are there as a reminder for kids. They could be hung in a classroom, glued to their book or put on walls around the school. They would be very useful for teachers, schools, therapists and life coaches. They are affordable digital prints that will give your kids a winner mindset.

The messages on the prints are written by me. They contain many of the ideas that I’ve learnt for myself. The animals were chosen by me and hand-painted by a professional artist, using watercolours.

Keep the prints on display to remind your kids that they can be who they truly want to be and that with courage, persistence, and determination they can achieve great things.